About Care Foundation

Cancer, as we all know, is a pain on mankind as a whole. Even in the advent of the 21st century modernization, man has not been able to overcome this crisis. The destructive power of this disease is not in its symptoms alone, but with the emotional, social and more importantly the financial aspect of facing it. As the modern day prices go up in case of food & stationary, it is sad to notice that so do the price of medicines. It is the responsibility of the whole mankind to make sure that help be provided, to the people who are affected.

Did you know, that as per the Cancer Registry Data, Kerala has more than 35000 new cancer cases every year? That is to say, Out of 10 Lakh people, there are approximately 974 men and 913 women whose lives are lessened by this disease. To understand it better, it is said that there is always 1LAKH people in Kerala who are affected by Cancer every year. Out of the total, 50% of the patients suffer from Throat, Mouth and Lung Cancer, found mostly in men, while 30-35% are the cases of Breast Cancer in Women. The MVR Cancer Center And Research Institute is the first of its kind weapon against Cancer which is built by the Joint efforts of Calicut Service Cooperative Bank and The CARE Foundation. The specialty hospital project with its massive 350 Crore infrastructure budget is certainly the biggest healthcare project initiated by the cooperative sector. At its present state, the hospital has a bed space capacity of 400. The initiative and the sheer hard work of the supporters and promoters will ensure that the people who approach the hospital in desperate need of care, gets the best in the class treatment at the most subsidized rates.