This 300 crore project in the co-operative sector is a people’s project. Both institutions and individuals in India and abroad can be a part of this mega project by buying shares.

Having eminent personalities with proven track records as members of the Society and being an off shoot of Calicut City Service Co-operative bank, CARE Foundation has made a humble beginning a beginning for a giant leap.

CARE Foundation has opened up a world of opportunities. The project has a vision, a cause, a purpose and definitely lot of profits. The doors are open to few discerning investors institutions and individuals to share our vision and profits. Welcome to join us and let’s make the best use of opportunity and win together.

You can also play your part in fighting cancer by being a member of the cancer foundation. You can apply for shares of the Care Foundation and can thus secure your membership in the foundation. By being a member, you stand to benefit by directly contributing to the society. You play an important role in fighting cancer. Membership also provides you a host of other benefits. Individuals can contribute a minimum membership at Rs 100000.

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